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Experience and respect for your patients…and for your practice
Policies and Contact Information

Given Dr. Bajakian’s current schedule, it is highly recommended that any coverage needs be arranged as early on as possible.

Should a coverage date be required, a signed agreement for that date will be forwarded to your office and must be completed and returned to Dr. Bajakian’s office in advance, otherwise that particular date cannot be considered “confirmed”.

His fees are set for full and half day coverage. Should the hours being requested exceed a normal work day, an additional fee shall be applicable. A travel charge may apply given the distance involved to reach each individual office.

PRIOR to contacting Dr. Bajakian directly, PLEASE complete and submit the appropriate inquiry form regarding coverage, for any of the various presentations, or to check availability dates. Dr. Bajakian will contact you directly once he has reviewed your request(s).

Trust your valued patients to a doctor who has a passion for our profession and who will offer your patients excellent Chiropractic care and make them glad you thought enough of them to provide someone with such experience and skills.