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Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the body’s most powerful forms of cleansing and healing. It is usually encompassed with heat, redness, swelling and pain and can be seen from diseases and conditions ranging from bee stings to pneumonia. Inflammation uses force to discharge any substance that the body wants to eliminate.  It may push out pus, cause diarrhea, and cause vomiting or even cause a rash. Once the inflammation is over, the substance that the body attacked has been eliminated.

Acute inflammation is common in childhood and manifests during chicken pox, soar throats, earaches, bronchitis and various other illnesses. They usually heal themselves in a few days time.

Chronic inflammation is weak and usually has no fever accompanying them. These inflammations may take a long period to heal, or may never fully heal. Asthma, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and chronic skin diseases are some causes of chronic inflammation.

Suppression of Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Overuse of antibiotics only dismisses the problem temporarily and does not address and correct the reason for the inflammation. It is believed that if inflammation is suppressed over and over throughout childhood that adulthood will be filled with chronic inflammation diseases that have returned in a newer and more complicated form.

Vertebral Subluxations

Misaligned vertebrae that interfere with the nervous system and cause nerve stress are called vertebral subluxations. This interference interrupts the information and energy flow to the various parts of the body and lowers our natural resistance to sickness and disease. Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct vertebral subluxation through examination and spinal adjustment. The adjustments relieve the nerve stress and assist in restoration of body function. Proper functioning of the nervous system through chiropractic treatment is one of the best defenses against the sickness, colds, flue and disease.

The Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic is not a treatment for the virus, infection or disease, however it does assist in raising resistance against the virus, sickness and disease. Spinal nerve stresses damage the nervous system and can lead to disease of all kinds. Chiropractors locate and free the body from spinal nerve stress. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between a healthy nervous system and a healthy body.   Because chiropractic is a natural healing process the inflammation or sickness may last longer than if antibiotics are used, but the body will cleans itself rather than be suppressed.

Our chiropractic office educates our patients in lifestyle changes that compliment their spinal care. Chiropractic spinal adjustments strengthen areas of the spine and restore impaired nerve flow. Subluxations occur when vertebra misalign irritating delicate spinal nerves. Spinal adjustments remove the nerve pressure and restore function to the body. Chiropractic spinal adjustments by our chiropractors help you live your life to its fullest through a properly functioning nervous system. When your nervous system is functioning properly you express life to your fullest. Chiropractic spinal adjustments enable you to express your God given health potential and to live your life to fullest capabilities. Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, reduced immunity, ear infections, decreased energy, stomach disorders, asthma, allergies, sinus problems, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder problems, sports injuries, spinal disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, numbness, pain, are just some of the signs of improper function in the body and conditions that benefit from Chiropractic spinal adjustments. Don't delay and wait for a spinal problem to develop before you seek out Chiropractic care. Get a Chiropractic spinal adjustment and deal with the cause of your problems rather than masking it with medications which often deal just with the symptoms. Whether you are feel great and want to ensure a healthy and fully functional future or if you are in pain and seek the safe and effective proven results of Chiropractic spinal adjustments, you owe it to yourself to have a spinal check up and to start down the healthy road of lifetime Chiropractic care.