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ADHD and Drugs

The greatest resource that we as a species have is our children.  NOTHING should take priority in our lives over their safety and their well-being.  

Unfortunately, due to "the American Way of Life" many people lead very hectic lives and often the less obvious dangers that threaten our children's health are overlooked.

I am referring to many of the processed foods and the high sugar content in much of what is deemed as "kids" foods.  

We all have heard of the saying.... "you are what you eat".  IF you feed a child a diet of processed foods, elevated levels of sugar, improper food combining, and transfatty acids (as found in French fries)-you are going to end up with a child who presents themselves as being "hyper-active".

The logical manner to approach this to modify the diet, check the child's nervous system, and to watch normal health and behavior return.  Unfortunately, this is the day of the behavior pills.  Today's society has been advertised so often and so extensively by the drug industry that the concept of drugging our children has become accepted.

The United States consumes 95% of the Ritalin in the world.  We have been warned repeatedly by the United Nations on this specific matter.  Are we to assume all the hyperactive children in the world reside in our country, or is it possible that the American public is responding to the BILLIONS of dollars that has been spent by the drug industry to make this concept of giving our kids drugs that are identical in composition to COCAINE, and that this concept is not only accepted by the children's pediatricians, but often this practice is promoted by them.

The sad part is that none of these parents are told that PERMANENT CHEMICAL CHANGES of their children's brains will occur as a result of such medications.  Few are aware that such drugs for "hyper-activity" can actually KILL their child.

This week's health report is an alarming testament of just how much these practices are increasing.

Use Of drugs to treat kids with ADHD and depression growing steadily

Despite publicity about their dangers and overuse, medical doctors have steadily increased their prescriptions of stimulants and antidepressant medications to treat ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and depression in children – some as much as 195%!

The most commonly prescribed psychotropic classes of drugs – central nervous system stimulants (CNSSs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) –-increased by 26% and 62% respectively. The shocking information is contained in a report based on a study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) that covered the years 1995 to 1999, published in a recent issue of Ambulatory Pediatrics.

Researchers at the Center for Health Care Policy and Evaluation, United Health Group, with support from AHRQ's Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics at the University of North Carolina, studied how four therapeutic drug classes used to treat ADHD and depression in youth – CNSSs, SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), and other antidepressants – vary in use over time by age, gender, geographic region, and prescribing physician.

They used pharmacy and enrollment data from six geographically diverse model employer-insured health plans. Researchers examined trends in physician prescribing practices of psychotropics for youth, but did not focus on the appropriateness of prescribing patterns or quality-of-care models.

The study also found:

  • ***For CNSS patient use, the proportion of Ritalin users decreased, while the proportion of Adderall users increased.
  • ***Among all children under 20 years, those receiving both CNSSs and SSRIs almost doubled from 1.4 to 2.6 per 1,000 over five years.
  • ***The use of antidepressants other than SSRIs or TCAs by physicians for their patients increased by 195% overall.
  • ***A child's first prescription for each CNSS prescribed came from a pediatrician 50% of the time and by a family practitioner 20% of the time. The first prescription for each SSRI prescribed was most likely given by a psychiatrist, although the proportion decreased from 56 to 44% during the study.

Children ARE our future...if we don't stand up for what is right for THEM and not go along with what is now more accepted socially, our future will NOT shine as bright as it should.

SOURCE: "Ambulatory Use of Psychotropics by Employer-Insured Children and Adolescents in a National Managed Care Organization,"Ambulatory Pediatrics, March-April 2002


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