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Children Start Feeling The Pain Of The Keyboard

Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD’s) have become a common health hazard facing computer users, especially children. Studies show that children are using computers at younger and younger ages, and for longer and longer periods of time. Yet they are not being taught proper computer posture, nor are they furnished with ergonomically healthy workstations according to the experts.

These students may be academically prepared, but by the time they enter college many will be suffering from ills that used to be exclusive to the over-40 age group. Such symptoms are often overlooked or misinterpreted with the children, and too often the conditions go untreated-allowing the problems to worsen over time.

Alan Hedge, a professor in Cornell’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis in Ithaca, NY, supervised a pair of studies on just this subject in spring of 1998. The Cornell researchers observed 3rd through 8th grade students at 11 urban, suburban, and rural schools in New York and Michigan. They discovered a “striking misfit between the work station facilities and ergonomic requirements for children.

NONE of the students scored within acceptable levels of satisfactory posture. All of the keyboards were higher than recommended levels. More than half the monitors were higher than recommended levels for adults.

Chiropractors are experts at recognizing disorders that originate from faulty posture. If you or your child utilize a computer regularly, ensure you both are kept healthy with regular chiropractic adjustments to counter the effects of the prolonged, and often incorrect posture and body positioning, encountered while using the computer. is easier to stay well...then it is to get well.

Common CTD Symptoms:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Numbing and tingling sensation
  • Limited range of motion
  • Weakness
  • “Pins and needles” sensation

Some Risk Factors:

  • Awkward posture and position: Working in a way that places increased demands on the body.
  • Repetition: Doing the same movement continuously.
  • Force: Placing excessive pressure on muscles and joints.

Proper positioning of the body while at the computer:

  • The back should be angled back a few degrees to widen the angle between the torso and thighs, increase blood flow, and reduce spinal compression.
  • The hands should follow the same line or plane as the forearms. This position is called wrist neutral. In this position, the weight of the fingers and forearms is supported when at rest and in motion.
  • Avoid long reaches by locating the items that you frequently use close to you. Try to keep your computer’s mouse in the “usual” zone, which is within 10”.
  • The monitor should be eye-level, with a viewing distance of 18-30 inches. Angle the monitor up 5-20 degrees for better angle of sight.
  • Keyboard should slope 5-20 degrees as well, and have a wrist rest. Try to use an ergonomically correct mouse if possible.
  • The use of an ergonomic chair with adjustable seat height, arms, back, and back support is ideal.
  • Adjustable table height (for height of monitor and keyboard.)
  • Foot rest to keep legs in a more correct anatomical position, thereby decreasing the stress on your pelvis and spine.

SOURCE: The Star Ledger, Sunday September 26, 1999

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