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Dealing with Systemic Yeast Infections

There are Three Goals in the treatment of Chronic Candidiasis Syndrome:

  • Elimination of ingestion of molds in patients with allergies to molds.
  • Destruction of yeast proliferation in the body.
  • Reduction of the factors providing a favorable environment for the growth of yeast.

The treatment regimen must be strictly adhered to for ones success.

Common sense can be used when eliminating molds from one's diet. However, substantial experimenting will be necessary since it is difficult to determine the exact mold content of foods, and allergies to different species of molds vary. Cheese and other fermented products are a significant source of mold, many of which are manufactured from molds. Wine is also produced by fermentation, and can be produced by molds other than yeast. However, the leftover mold proteins in these products may vary, and mold can not lie or grow in an acidic environment.  Jelly, peanut butter, dried fruits, etc. are also significant sources for mold.  Soda has a preservative added to it to inhibit the growth of molds. Keeping soft foods such as crackers, chips and cereal in the refrigerator or freezer before and after opening will inhibit mold growth.

In the most SEVERE cases of yeast proliferation, prescription anti-fungal medications may be required to enable a quick and substantial "killing off" of the yeast population within your intestines.  For the majority of the cases, the following natural approach will enable you to take control of this very difficult health condition.

You should start by improving the environment of your intestinal flora and reducing the "food" that yeast thrives on. Yeast does not live well within an acidic environment. Intake of Grapefruit Seed Extract to kill off lie yeast, with the addition of Acidophilus to maximize the numbers of healthy bacteria in your intestines (which compete with the yeast under normal circumstances) and also inhibit the continued production of the yeast.

Modify your diet by restricting carbohydrates and other sugars, and increasing your protein intake. Refined white flour or white bread should be completely avoided since it is a primary food source for this parasite. Antifungal agents will not be successful without removing sugars from the diet. This includes all sweetened drinks and soda, fruits and fruit drinks, corn syrups, and other high sugar containing products. Such "yeasty" foods such as pizza, beer, and smoked foods should be avoided.

Increase you intake of dietary fiber to assist in the removal of the dying yeast and to help cleanse your intestines of any residual debris that would feed the yeast.

Zinc is a major heavyweight in the fight against not only yeast but also most disease processes of the body since it stimulates the production of T lymphocytes. 15 milligrams or more has been recommended daily.

Vitamin C has been shown to be a major combatant against yeast for two reasons: first, research has shown that vitamin C  boosts your immune system by keeping disease fighting white blood cells up and running. Secondly, for women, Vitamin C acidifies your vaginal environment.  This enables Lactobacillus, a naturally occurring bacteria, to flourish and compete with the yeast, thereby, keeping the volume of yeast in check. The recommended dosage is 4,000 mg - 2000 mg in the a.m. and 2,000 mg in the p.m.

Vitamins A and E are also very good in building your immunity. Vitamin A's normal dosage is 5,000 iu but when taking it therapeutically such as in this case, you may take as much as 25,000 iu's.  Women of childbearing age should be careful of excessive Vitamin A since high dosages during early pregnancy has been linked to birth defects. Vitamin E could be taken in dosages of 400 iu's to keep your immunity high, thereby resisting the ever-present yeast.

Start taking garlic tablets.  Garlic tablets contain an antimicrobial agent known as Allicin. There is evidence that Candida hates garlic. For some time now garlic has been known as the natural antibiotic for your body.

Oregano oil. Found to be an extremely effective antimicrobial, antiviral agent, and also seen to boost your immune system, this addition to your treatment plan should not be overlooked. Available in gelcaps, capsules and drops.

Pau D'Arco is an herb from Brazil, this natural antifungal agent is available in capsules or tea.

Caprylic Acid, one of the main ingredients in many of the over the counter medications, this will assist in killing and creating an environment that the yeast will not thrive on.

If you have any questions, please speak to your chiropractor before proceeding. This information is provided so as to enable you to improve your body's functioning by eliminating yeast from your system.

SOURCE: Multiple Online and Inter-professional sources

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