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Sleeping Pills

This report touches upon a subject that to a degree...defies reason and at the same time...demonstrates just how drug reliant our society can be at times-despite the risks to our health.

This study is a perfect example of how effective the drug companies market their drugs.  For them to be able to persuade Pediatricians to drug young children to help them sleep, in light of MANY safer and less involved methods of improving the ability of a child to sleep, demonstrates the degree of acceptance MD's have for the "word" of the drug companies.

It should be noted this particular study was funded by a drug company, that makes one of the most popular drugs used to help sleep (Ambien).

From my own experiences in practice, the sign of a child's inability to sleep is often a clear signal that they have interference within their nervous system.  Children who have been brought in for evaluation have shown elevated levels of nervous system interference when scanned with EMG and Thermal Scans.  These same children revealed many times in their case histories, "difficulty sleeping".

I have often described the nervous system of a person who is SUBLUXATED as being "stressed" and irritated.  The levels of irritation many times are not as obvious as the effects the SUBLUXATIONS are causing on that person's body.  In a child, who many times cannot or does not express themselves as an adult can, their outward symptoms could be hyperexcited (ADD/ADHD) or difficulty sleeping.  

A high incidence of ADD/ADHD accompanying sleeping disorders has been documented and in our office, both conditions have been shown to respond extremely well to Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments.

The logic of drugging a child to sleep rather than considering other possible LESS DANGEROUS options first is appalling.  So often the solution is thought to be in a PILL.  Drugs and chemicals are NOT the solution.

Correcting the nervous system's ability to function and modifying the diet will yield far greater results with less danger to the child or for that matter, the adult who is having sleeping problems.

If Medical Schools enabled their doctors of the future to receive more nutritional training (the average medical school offers 5 hours of classes on nutrition), then maybe they too would see the inappropriateness of using drugs as a first option in the treatment of not just sleeping disorders, but also many other conditions that people present when enter their doctor's office.

Most children seem to respond universally well to excluding sugars, grains and fruit juices from their diet.

These foods rapidly break down to sugar and increase their insulin levels, which can cause major disruptions in their biochemistry and over-stimulate them so they will not be able to sleep at night.

Clearly, the first step in treating insomnia in kids is not to use a drug-based approach, but rather consider eliminating one of the most common underlying causes, the large amount of grains, juices and sugars they are consuming.

While such a sensible approach does seem best for the child's overall health as well as their sleeping disorder, it will take more time before the public as a whole begins to recognize HEALTH COMES FROM WITHIN.  Drug companies will continue to barrage the medical doctors with how important their drugs are for one simple makes them money.

Continued Insanity--Sleep Medications to Kids

More than three-quarters of surveyed U.S. pediatricians have recommended over-the-counter sleep aids to children, according to a survey of 671 U.S. pediatricians.

Further, more than 50 percent had prescribed a sleep aid to some of their young patients and about 15 percent had also recommended melatonin supplements or herbal remedies.

Most commonly, antihistamines were recommended for over-the-counter treatments while alpha-agonists such as clonidine, which is used to treat behavioral problems, were the most commonly recommended prescription medications.

While such medications are “most likely safe,” little is actually known about their safety or effectiveness in treating childhood sleep problems.

Moreover, sleep problems like insomnia are symptoms of other problems that often can't be treated with sleep medications.

Researchers note that doctors could be missing underlying problems and instead turning to sleep medications as the solution.

According to previous research, a significant number of children have sleep disturbances and children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, depression, asthma and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to have problems sleeping.

However, most children's sleep problems can be solved without medications. Doctors can discuss good “sleep hygiene” with parents, which includes helpful habits like encouraging children to go to sleep and wake up at regular times, avoid caffeine and be active during the day, researchers noted.

The current study was funded in part by Sanofi-Synthelabo, makers of the sleep medication zolpidem (Ambien).

Share this information with a friend and encourage them to come in for a Chiropractic evaluation to ensure their nervous system is functioning at 100%.  As a courtesy to our patients, if you have a friend or loved one that you would like to help become healthier, you can refer them in for an EMG and Thermal Scan at no cost or obligation.  We do this as a service for YOU our patients, and to those within the community.  

Take a moment to consider who around you that you care about, could stand to improve their health then have them call us so we can help them!

Source: Pediatrics May, 2003

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